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Our Program

Welcome to Mill Valley Nursery School. MVNS is a parent participation cooperative school that inspires families to explore education together. Join us in learning how our partnership amongst teacher, parents and children can benefit your family.


Most early childhood education professionals understand that at an early age children can absorb our society’s biases of gender, age, color, language and physical characteristics. Therefore, our program embraces an anti-bias curriculum that supports children as they explore, celebrate and begin to understand differences. Our approach acknowledges that children and adults can be empowered to stand up for their rights and the rights of others and to recognize and question social injustice. 


Our children are encouraged to engage with the natural environment of our school. Animals, bugs, a seasonally rotating garden and fruit trees allow children to experience changing seasons, life cycles as well as their own impact on the environment in a tangible way



Art is a huge part of our program at MVNS. Daily art activities allow the children time and space to be creative, problem solve, improve motor skills and connect more deeply to the topics we are learning in other areas


What Parents Think

My son Arlo has truly thrived at MVNS. When he started his speech was delayed and he was a bit behind socially. The past 2 years I have seen him grow into a confident, independent friend. Our family was welcomed into this community wholeheartedly and I can't wait for my younger son to be a part of the co-op.

Arlo and Oliver's Mom

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