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About Us

Collaborative Community Building

Our team of experienced educators, board members, and families work together to create an inclusive and nurturing school community. At MVNS, each child is seen and honored for who they are. Teachers work in tandem with the children in our program to explore together. We value children as inherently whole, capable members of our community.

Our History

Mill Valley Nursery School was founded as a parent participation nursery school in 1941 by six Mill Valley mothers. Since its inception, MVNS has been rooted in the motto, "friends helping friends and families helping families." 


On February 14, 1957, the school was incorporated as a non-profit. The school continued to grow and in 1967 it moved to its present location at 51 Shell Road. 

Our school has been stewarded by decades of dedicated community members caring for the wellbeing of the campus and students. Over time, MVNS has become the epicenter of a multi-generational community of creativity, exploration, and lifelong learning. 

MVNS is member of the California Council of Parent Participation Nursery Schools. The CCPPNS is a state-wide community of parents and educators committed to teaching and inspiring families through parent involvement and mutual support. Parent participation nursery schools and preschools are founded on the principle that the best education will result from an active partnership among parents, teachers, and children.

Our Mission

Mill Valley Nursery School is a parent participation preschool built on relationships and playful exploration.  Our school philosophy fosters a child’s natural curiosity of the world, and the emergent curriculum empowers children to be life-long learners who contribute meaningfully in creating a more equitable world. Within our nurturing, inclusive and deeply engaged community, children and adults learn and grow beside one another. We believe in the power of community and that we can all thrive with families helping families and friends helping friends.

Meet the Team

Miranda Webster

Director and Lead Teacher, She/Her

School Director Miranda Webster (she/her) brings extensive experience in early childhood education, expertise in child development, a passion for inquiry and play-based learning, and pedagogy inspired by the schools for young children in Reggio Emilia, Italy.  Miranda possesses her Master’s in Education, emphasis on early childhood, and Bachelor’s in Child Development from Mills College. Most recently, Miranda worked as the lead teacher/interim director of the Bay Area Discovery Museum's onsite preschool, The Discovery School. Having attended a cooperative nursery school as a child, Miranda knows first-hand the magic of a parent-participation preschool. She sees immense value in parents' opportunity to observe their child’s learning, growth, and development while assisting in the classroom. Backed by current research on child development, the brain and nervous system, and culturally-responsive education, Miranda brings a curiosity-driven approach to her work with young children. She focuses on supporting the development of self-efficacy, a growth mindset, and a life-long love for learning.  Miranda’s teaching is centered around empowering the voice of the child through child-directed play and participation in our community as seen, heard, and valued citizens. Miranda expands the traditional definition of teaching to consider the role of the child as co-creator in our emergent, contextual curriculum.

Libby Reyff

Teacher, They/Them


Libby Reyff (they/them) is a dedicated early childhood educator and lifelong learner. They are currently working toward a Master's Degree in Innovative Early Childhood Education, focusing on the educational philosophy from Reggio Emilia, Italy. Libby is passionate about creating opportunities for children to experience the beauty of the natural world and cultivate a sense of stewardship of the land through garden-based curriculum and outdoor education. They bring a curiosity-driven approach to working with children, with a focus on growing their inner resiliency, self-respect, and sense of confidence through play.  Libby graduated from Scripps College with a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Analysis and a focus of study on how and why humans interact with the environment as we do. This background greatly contributes to the holistic, relational approach they employ while working with the youngest members of our community. While at Scripps, they worked to develop outdoor education curriculum at an urban farm and cmmunity garden, and love finding that sweet spot where emergent curriculum meets outdoor education for young children.

Board Members

Mill Valley Nursery School is led by the families we serve. 

Jessica Diaz France
Community Chair


Alicia Davis Gaide 


Erica Setness



Leslie Moyer

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Laurel Shear

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