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Teaching Philosophy

MVNS holds a deep respect for the culture of childhood and trusts that children are capable of constructing their own ideas. Our school views children through a whole child lens, and values all children and their capabilities. Our children deserve knowledgeable, responsive, and attuned care-giving adults, and so we, teachers and parents, continuously invest in our learning. We appreciate each person’s unique perspectives and look to each other as partners in this process, creating relationships full of trust and collaboration. MVNS continues to push towards being a community where learning and growth is developed through respect, communication, dedication, and joy.

Children are active citizens of our school community. 

Research shows that high-quality experiences in early childhood have a long and lasting impact on children, building the brain and setting the tone for a lifetime of learning. At MVNS, we foster not only the skills and knowledge that children need to succeed in life, but cultivate the dispositions of an effective lifelong learner – to be independent, to be creative, to be resilient, and to be intrinsically-motivated. These are the dispositions for the making of our future thinkers, innovators, and leaders.

We believe that children are...


Competent, capable learners ready to explore new things


Naturally compassionate and empathetic


Communicating through creativity and self expression

Pillars of Our School


who are recognized and respected as whole people and are at the core of everything we do.

Experienced Educators

who deeply value their relationships with children, partnerships with families, professional development, and implementation of the best current practices in Early Childhood Education.

Engaged Families

who are true partners in the life of the school from operations to learning alongside children and teachers in the classroom setting. By relying on parent ingenuity, teamwork, and labor, our daily experiences are enriched and we keep fees low so the school is available to families of all income levels.

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